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The Stones of Ailsa Craig is in Production!

The Stones of Ailsa Craig is in production and will be available September 12th on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and IngramSpark. It is currently available for Pre-Order at By pre-ordering, you can ensure that your copy will be signed and shipped on or before the official release date.

I am so honored to have received some wonderful advance reviews from curlers and non-curlers alike for this historical fiction novel. Here is a sampling:

"The Stones of Ailsa Craig is a great read! Rich in history and the spirit of curling, it is a fascinating look at loss, loneliness, and obsession, as well as a heartfelt tribute to The Roarin' Game. Very fitting for the sport we love." - Eve Muirhead, 2022 Olympic Gold-Medalist

"A wonderful tribute to the history and spirit of curling, as well as a dark look into one man's growing obsession with vengeance and justice. The Stones of Ailsa Craig brims with Florig's obvious love for Maine, storytelling, and The Roarin' Game." - Nina Roth, Two-Time Olympian for Team USA

"An absolute page-turner! This novel seamlessly weaves together the world of curling and a thrilling murder story. The character is richly drawn, making it easy to get lost in his world. A must-read for fans of both sports and suspense!" - Jamie Sinclair, Three-Time United States Champion

"The tension and suspense are palpable . . . both disquieting and addictive. A crowning achievement." - The Feathered Quill

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