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Book Reviews are Scary!

I've never had a book professionally reviewed, so I decided to submit The Stones of Ailsa Craig for review and see what happened. Waiting for the reviews to come back is awful. Even more terrible is getting the email, "Your Review has Been Posted." I stared at the email for a long time before daring to open it. What if the review is really bad, or, perhaps worse, only lukewarm. I finally opened it.

To my utter surprise, The Stones of Ailsa Craig got 5 Stars! So humbling. Below is the review:

I enjoyed every moment of my time with The Stones of Ailsa Craig. While the first half of the book plays out like an engaging historical fiction drama, author David S. Florig switches gears quickly by the midway point when it turns into a crime mystery thriller that grabs you and refuses to let go until the end. There were times when the narrative slowed down to offer readers the history and lore behind the game of curling and the island of Ailsa Craig, both prominent features in the story. But the pacing picks up as the narrative switches timelines back to the present. This is the kind of book that is bound to be a hit among both historical fiction fans and crime mystery lovers. Highly recommended. - Readers' Favorite Book Reviews

Thank you to everyone who has helped to make The Stones of Ailsa Craig possible.

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