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The Stones of Ailsa Craig is now available! As a special bonus for those curlers who collect pins, the first 100 pre-orders will receive a free Belfast Curling Club pin with the book. Just say "Pin Me" somewhere in your order. You can also have your copy dedicated and autographed. Simply indicate in the text box how you would like the dedication to read. Thank you so much for ordering!


Here's what JAMIE SINCLAIR, 3-time United States Women's National Champion curler and 2019 USA Curling Female Athlete of the Year says about The Stones of Ailsa Craig:

"An absolute page-turner! This novel seamlessly weaves together the world of curling and a thrilling story. The character is richly drawn, making it easy to get lost in his world. A must-read for fans of both sports and suspense! I honestly couldn't put the book down."


From EVE MUIRHEAD, 2022 Olympic gold medalist for Great Britain:

"The Stones of Ailsa Craig is a great read! Rich in history and the spirit of curling, it is a fascinating look at loss, loneliness, and obsession, as well as a heartfelt tribute to The Roarin Game. It is very fitting for the sport we love."

From NINA ROTH, two-time Olympian for Team USA (2018, 2022):

"A wonderful tribute to the history and spirit of curling, as well as a dark look into one man's growing obsession with vengeance and justice. The Stones of Ailsa Craig brims with Florig's obvious love for Maine, storytelling and The Roarin' Game."


The Stones of Ailsa Craig is a work of historical fiction, set in 1890s Scotland and present-day Belfast, Maine. It is a mystery, of sorts, centered around the 60 million year-old island of Ailsa Craig in Scotland (home to the finest curling stone granite in the world) and the ancient Scottish sport of curling. Sometimes dark, sometimes light, the novel is full of curling history and anecdotes, Scottish history, and Maine history. It explores themes of obsession, vengeance, and justice.


The Stones of Ailsa Craig is David S. Florig's debut novel, following the 2022 release of A Life of Dates, a pandemic-inspired, self-indulgent memoir about growing up in South Jersey and retiring to Maine.

The Stones of Ailsa Craig

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