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Breaking News! The Shattered Curling Stone is available for Pre-Order! 

I am excited to announce that my second novel, The Shattered Curling Stone, is now available for pre-order in the shop. This time, the book is available in both paperback AND hardback formats.

The Shattered Curling Stone is available for Pre-Order at! By pre-ordering, you can insure that your copy will be shipped on or before the release date in early September 2024. As a special bonus for those curlers who collect pins, the first 100 pre-orders can receive a free Belfast (Maine) Curling Club pin with the book. Just say "Pin Me" somewhere in your order. You can also have your copy personally dedicated and autographed. Simply indicate in the text box how you would like the dedication to read. Thank you so much for ordering!
The Shattered Curling Stone is a work of historical fiction, set in late-1800s Scotland and Canada. Rich in the history of women's curling, The Shattered Curling Stone tells the story of Ailsa Maclaren, a young Scottish lass who takes to the ice at twelve years old, at a time when women were neither expected nor encouraged to play "the Roarin' Game." Ailsa's curling journey takes her to the first women's bonspiel in Scotland, the Scottish Women's Championship, and the Women's World Championship in Canada. Along the way, she meets the charming and very, very handsome Lucas Plotcok. And therein lies the real tale.

A brief excerpt from Chapter 1:

"Hugh," William Beveridge began, "I can't allow you to continue it anymore. There have just been too many complaints." William Beveridge was the President of the Musselburgh Curling Club, which had been founded in 1812, more than sixty years earlier. He was also a good friend of Hugh Maclaren, and took no pleasure in delivering the news to him. Hugh Maclaren's sin was in taking his twelve-year-old daughter onto the club's pond to teach her how to curl.

"What is the problem, exactly, William? Hugh asked. "We don't disturb anyone. We don't keep any of the members from the ice. Who made the complaints?" Hugh Maclaren had a very strong suspicion about who the most vociferous complainer might be.

"I'm not at liberty to say, Hugh," Beveridge answered. "You understand. But I simply can't permit it any further."

"Is it because she's a girl, William? Is that the objection?" Hugh asked. He knew the answer, of course. Girls weren't supposed to curl. Curling was, after all, considered to be "productive of health and manly disposition," and was deemed "the manly Scottish exercise" by both Robert Burns and Sir Walter Scott. Who knew where it might lead if it were allowed to continue?

Steeped in the history of women's curling, The Shattered Curling Stone stands among the select few novels centered around the 500-year-old sport of curling.
The Shattered Curling Stone is David S. Florig's second novel, following the 2023 release of The Stones of Ailsa Craig.

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